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Rapid Prototyping

LM3 3D printing solutions provides you with fast and affordable prototypes for concept development and testing--ideal for the early stages of product development. This technology allows you to explore various concepts before committing to the costs associated with launching a full production.

Laser Modeling’s Rapid Prototyping Process:

  • Provide us with an STL or Step file and we will begin processing your prototype for production
  • Our in-house experts will evaluate your file and make recommendations for how to best produce your prototype
  • We print using today’s most advanced 3D printing technology
  • Once your prototype has been printed, we will handle post process finishing, like adding texture or roughness, removing support members, sandblasting, and painting
  • Laser Modeling 3 will assemble your order before it is shipped out.

What benefits can you expect from LM3’s rapid prototypes?

  • Our durable plastic parts are tough enough for functional testing and snap-fit applications
  • Reduction in the length of time from the product design to production
  • Reduction or elimination of costly soft tooling, allowing for design changes to be implemented on the fly
  • Identify costly tooling flaws before a substantial investment is made
  • Allows you to test product colors, surfaces and textures, like grip patterns or reflective surfaces
  • The development process is fast (most 3D models can be produced within 7/10 days)
  • With a wide variety of robust, thermally stable material options Laser Modeling 3 can generate models that are tough enough to be used as working parts.
  • Master patterns and molds can be fabricated as short term or disposable tools in low-volume production.


At LM3

  • SIZE- 6.75 X 9 X 8in
  • RESOLU TION- (XY) 1024 X 768 DPI


  • SIZE- 11.75 X 7.3 X 8 in
  • RESOLUTION- 375 X 375 X 790 DPI
  • LAYER THICKNESS- .001/. 002 per inch of part


Other Capabilities at LM3

fine wall

Model Making

At LM3 we have the ability to fabricate models of prototype designs by utilizing additional In-House tools.

Laser Fabricating

  • Universal 18" X 36" 60 watt laser. Excellent for cutting parts in wood and plastic materials
  • Painting and Surface Finishing
  • Airbrushing, Plating, and Surface Blasting capabilities