John H. Murray & Son Coal Dealership

John H. Murray & Son Coal Dealership
John H. Murray & Son Coal Dealership

This laser cut, highly-detailed, craftsman kit is an exact replica of the coaling facility built in the early part of this century and is still in use today.

John H. Murray & Son Coal Dealership


The structure was constructed in the early 1900’s in Sayre, PA by John Murray. The coal was delivered by the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad. The dealership is still visible from Rt. 17 in southern NYS and is still in use. The tracks were abandoned in the 1980’s. However, there was still a considerable demand for coal then and now.

John H. Murray & Son Coal Dealership

Structure Usage

An ingenious method of utilizing the structure was developed. A dirt ramp was constructed up to the coal trestle about 100 yards from the housing structure. Coal was brought from the mines in large dump trucks. The trucks would back up the dirt ramp and the contents dumped into an old coal condole. The condole was winched up the trestle, where the coal was dropped into the proper sized bin.

John H. Murray & Son Coal Dealership

Reflecting History

The instruction manual is loaded with photos of the existing building. These views are a great help in weathering the kit. There are also a couple of vintage photos that reflect on the history of this landmark building.

Kit Highlights

  • Pre-cut textured timbers
  • Northeastern scale lumber
  • Original photo engraved coal chute assemblies
  • Many original “spin cast” pewter castings
  • Many cast details by “Scale Structure Limited”
  • Pre-glued shingles
  • Highly-detailed Hydro Cal castings®
  • Tichy windows and doors
  • Can alter length to accommodate the space availability
  • Side walls stencils can be modified to your railroad’s initials
  • Coal trestle has complete interior
  • Original photographs
  • Interior details with removable trestle enclosure
  • Over 3 years in development
  • Follows the building’s actual construction
  • 4-color instruction manual


Kit Assembly