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About Us

Since its inception in 2009, Laser Modeling 3 (LM3) has been modeling reality in the form of custom scale models, craftsman kits and prototypes. Our dedicated staff of designers and artists have more than 50 years of model making experience.

With a design studio and assembly facility located in Upstate NY, just outside of Rochester, we proudly serve the nation’s leading architectural firms, manufacturing organizations, and museums, providing the most detailed and structurally accurate custom models available.

We also offer a line of highly detailed, limited-run craftsman kits for model railroad hobbyists, as well as rapid prototyping services.

What is the 3 for in Laser Modeling 3?

Family owned and operated, LM3 offers a comprehensive range of model building services.

custom model

1. Custom Modeling

  • Trade show displays
  • Architectural models
  • Museum models
  • Military models
  • ... and more!
lmd rapid

2. Rapid Prototyping

  • 3D printing
  • Laser cutting
  • Casting
  • Precision machining
craftsman model

3. Craftsman Model Kits

  • Model railroad hobbyist

What Sets Us Apart

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Since the first laser-cutting equipment was acquired, the list has expanded greatly. With the expansion of the Computer Aided Software from 2D to 3D, the next logical step was to procure a 3D Printing System to be used in creating many of the numerous masters/patterns that produce the cast detail parts that go into each model. These cast parts are either resin casted using in-house and state-of-the-art equipment, or spin cast by local vendors.

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Many of the kits include castings from Scale Structures Ltd., Tichy, Grandt Line and BEST, and the high-grade wood material is supplied by Northeastern Lumber. With the acquisition of the 3D printer, LM3 has been able to expand into custom, one of a kind RR structure for individual modelers, as well as architectural models, trade show displays and industrial/commercial pieces.

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LM3 exhibits at many trade shows throughout the US and Canada and can usually be seen at national and regional trade shows across the North East, such as the Model Expo, Springfield, Timonium, and Syracuse. Also they always welcome visitors so if you are in the Geneseo area stop by for a visit. They are located at 1 University Drive in Rochester, NY.

Our Process and Approach

  • When it comes to selecting a structure to model for a craftsman kit, uniqueness and historical value are two qualifications that the prototype must posses.
  • Because we only create craftsman kits that are based on actual structures, we begin by conducting research.
  • An attempt is made to obtain any plans, pictures, and documents that are related to the structure.
  • We then visit the site of the prototype to take our own pictures, meet with the owners, and take any necessary measurements.
  • From the blueprints and our measurements, we begin to draw the structure in a 2D CAD program.
  • Once all of the different components of the structure are drawn, we send the files to our Laser Cutter.
  • Our laser then cuts out the different sections of the structure, and we begin to fabricate a rough prototype.
  • The necessary corrections are made to the drawings, and we begin to fabricate our final prototype.
  • Step-by-step pictures are taken of the process and notes are taken for the instruction manual.
  • The prototype is weathered and a diorama is constructed to display the model.
  • Final pictures are taken of the display, our bill of materials and instruction manual are finalized and the kit is ready for production.
  • Once the production run is complete, the customer will have a craftsman kit that includes an extensive amount of: Laser cut wood, stripwood, multiple castings, windows, drawings, instructions, step-by-step pictures and LED/Fiber Optic lighting.
  • All of our kits also include the interiors of the building. If commercial castings are not available, we also have an in-house 3D printer to create the casting ourselves.
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