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Pacific Seafood's Original Storefront Model

At Laser Modeling 3, we create custom models that satisfy requirements for architectural firms, leading corporations, small companies and private parties alike. This past Spring, we were contacted by an employee from Pacific Seafood, a 75 year old company located in Oregon. From its humble beginnings, Pacific Seafood has grown over the decades to become a multi-billion dollar operation. It has roots that run deep to the company's original storefront, which is still standing and open for business. What's really special about this company landmark, is that its founder still works there some 75 years later! Because of this dedication, the company wanted to honor its founder with a gift that would always allow him to remember his original storefront. That's where we came in. With the help of a couple of photos, we were able to draw and fabricate a scale model of the storefront. The model itself was made primarily out of a variety of acrylics. The walls were coated with plaster, to give a stucco effect, and brick was laser etched in, where appropriate. Decals were added to the glass windows to mirror the existing window artwork and the neon sign was fabricated for the roof. Overall, the project was a success, and the model was recently presented to the founder at a meeting this past fall. Having known the background, as well as who the model was being given to, we were very honored and humbled to be selected for the job. This proves to be another great example for us to show how important of a role a physical model can play in getting your message across.