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JH Murray

First and foremost, Laser Modeling 3 is a family owned and operated business, located in the Village of Geneseo, NY. Our shop is currently located at One University drive, just off of Main Street, within a stones throw of SUNY Geneseo. At our core, we are model makers. The 3 in Laser Modeling 3 represents the different areas where we utilize our expertise to deliver a range of goods and services.

The first part of our business, where we got our start, is our custom line of craftsman kits for model railroad hobbyists. In line with our motto “modeling reality,” all of our craftsman kits are based off of real life structures; most all of which are still standing. Take a minute to browse the photo galleries of our craftsman kits.

The second aspect of our business is our rapid prototyping service. With our in- house 3D printer, laser cutter, and architectural drawing programs, we are able to make a custom part for a customer quickly and accurately.

Finally, the third component of Laser Modeling 3 is our custom model business. If you have a desire for a prototype to be created, we can make it happen. Like our rapid prototyping business, we utilize an array of in-house tools to create a prototype of your concept. For example, it could be a structure for an architect, a model of your business’s product, or a prototype of a piece of equipment used by an organization such as NASA.

Not only are we able to create a tangible representation of your idea, but our professional grade detailing abilities allow us to make your design as realistic and visibly pleasing to the eye as possible.