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Benefits of 3D Modeling for Architectural Firms

Laser Modeling 3 | 3D Architectural Modeling

Thinking back to where architectural representations started--2D pencil sketches and cardboard models--architectural modeling has come a long way. With the emergence of computer-aided design software (CAD), laser fabricating equipment and 3D printing, architectural model making firms are able to more accurately model designs with these high precision tools.

With pinpoint computer accuracy, there is no longer a need to rely on pencil sketches or cardboard models. 3D,and laser fabricating modeling allows architectural modeling firms to easily and accurately provide clients with life-like representations of designs, incorporating detailed textures and lighting representations. Moreover, architects have the ability to incorporate the use of computer controlled animation into these models, creating an even more realistic portrayal of their vision and providing a better concept for their client.

Additionally, the option to show detailed floor plans and realistic representations allows architects and model makers to coordinate with interior and exterior designers, furniture designers and landscaping professionals in order to create a cohesive design for the property.

Computer controlled modeling software eliminates human error, cutting down on wasted time and efforts. Architect modeling firms can easily input dimensions without measuring and recreating drawing sketches. With these steps eliminated, models reflect greater cost savings and faster turn around. Moreover, changes and revisions can be easily made at the client’s request, saving time and money.

Architectural modeling services can help architectural firms, developers, and real estate firms tremendously by creating a real-life representation of any building or idea. Whether you are designing a high rise hotel, skyscraper, housing development or any other architectural structure, LM3 has the ability to take your life-size design, scale it down, and create an accurate model with our state-of-the-art 3D printer, laser cutting system, and CNC machining capability. Contact us today to bring your architectural vision to life!